Quilters Extraordinaire of Prescott Valley, Arizona

Snowball Block Tutorial

This is a pretty simple block and should go quickly. We will start with a 5" charm square of any color
(either a dark or a light). Then add 1 3/4" squares in each corner. If the background fabric is dark,
chose a light fabric for the corners. Sew diagonally across the small square and trim to 1/4".
Press the trimmed square open and voila! You're done.

We will be doing a dark background every other month and a light background on the opposite
months so the final quilt will look like the picture below. Lets make the EVEN numbered months LIGHT and the ODD numbered months DARK.
So.. January, March, May, July, September and November will be DARK background
February, April, June, August, October and December will be LIGHT background.

Make 12 blocks each month and bring them to the meeting where they will be traded.
You can make all of your blocks the same and the blocks you go home with will all be different.